Is the hate speech that 45 is spewing out backfiring?

45 has lived his life without wanting for anything. He was born into wealth. He has never had to work for anyone other than his father, a day in his life and he has not concept of what struggle is. He has mismanaged several companies, repeatedly filed bankruptcy and had never had to answer to a board of directors. He never expected to be the president of this country that has been and will continue to be GREAT. He is what he is and now he may have finally went too far. He knows it and he is scared.

He has spent the last few days lashing out via Twitter at everyone from small business owners to night time TV hosts. He is panicked and it will only get worse as the year continues.

Eugene Robinson’s Washington Post Opinion piece from June 25 titled “You can smell Trump’s Fear” is spot on and well worth the read.

You can smell Trump’s fear

Source: Demonizing immigrants isn’t working for Trump anymore – The Washington Post

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