Kevin Durrant BH

As NBA free agency begins to heat up, the news that Kevin Durant has decided to join the Golden State Warriors has flipped the league upside down. The news has caused a variety of trickle-down effects including the acquisitions of Harrison Barnes and Andrew Bogut by the Dallas Mavericks. This major and sudden shift in power has also been reported to influence the likes of Pau Gasol, who is heading to the Spurs in an attempt to counter Golden State’s new addition. With all of this being said, the Thunder are now in shambles as they look to replace Durant; recently traded Serge Ibaka; and quite possibly even Russell Westbrook as he is now almost guaranteed to hit the market. Westbrook’s contract expires next season, leaving time for OKC to field trade offers for the 27-year-old. This news only intensifies the attention that will be payed to the Warriors who are, without a doubt, early favorites for the title. With a starting lineup of Curry, Thompson, Durant, Green, and whoever else fills the role of center, it’s hard not to see why.