by James Dunn

Back in the mid 1970s there were very few African American students enrolled at the state of Texas’ largest university, The University of Texas at Austin. So, when we had an event seems we all showed up. At many of these events one popular student dressed up in drag and called himself “Angela X.” Everyone loved this guy. He was one of us. We did not think he demeaned the female sex by performing as a hypersexual female who just happened to dress in long formal dresses at all times. He was hilarious. He now has two children and several grand-kids as of this writing.

I used to have a good voice impression I performed of a white frat-boy jock. I put on the Gomer Pyle accent, stuck my butt out and did a fairly good impression of a privileged white teenager. My two best friends at Texas were white. Matt Hayes, son of a Dallas physician and I were inseparable. John Rufus Eppler, son of an extremely wealthy Highland Park Investment firm owner, and I were Frick and Frack until he left Texas for SMU. I did not hate white people. I did mock them comically. I also hung out with the entire Texas football team and basketball teams African American members. (I did they’re classwork)

The 1970s and 1980s were not the 2010s. We did not think that racial teasing was a sign of racism. The current racially atmosphere has changed all of that.

The loud voices calling for the ousting of Virginia Governor Ralph Northam are seriously misguided. Northam, who attends a mostly Black church, and who has backed pro-LGBT legislation, is no racist. Northam was a typical white frat-rat doing the typical white frat rat things popular at the time. He was actually mocking the Southern attitude, not embracing it.

If we throw all white people under the bus for past stupid deeds, we must throw The Great Emancipator, Abraham Lincoln under. Lincoln was known for his “darkie” jokes. Oh yeah, Lyndon Johnson, who passed the most by volume and most important civil rights legislation ever before of after the presidency was enacted as an office, called the Civil Rights Bill the Nigger Rights Bill. Robert C. Byrd, a United States Senator until his death in 2010 had once been a Klan member. He became a great supporter and protector of civil rights laws from his leadership position in the U. S. Senate. I could go on and on all day.

Since we are so quick to call The United States a “Christian” nation, remember that in the Bible Saul became a Christian known as Paul. He went from killing Christians to being a leading Christian. Ralph Northam is NOW an LGBT supporting, African American supporting Democrat. Leave him alone.

When I was 14 I dated 14 year old girls. I have changed. People change, times change.

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