The Art of the Deal

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Anyone who has read Trump: The Art of the Deal is aware of what a grifter 45 is. He details in his book how he had a construction manager hire a large amount of dump trucks and bull dozers to move dirt around a site where he was building a casino in Atlantic City. The activity at the site was all a ruse to impress the potential investors from Holiday Inn to pour money into the project. According to the Grifter-in-Cheif, trick supposedly worked, and he was successful.

What the bulldozers and dump trucks did wasn’t important, I said, so long as they did a lot of it.

The latest news about his taxes is not shocking. We will continue to read about his financial ineptness as we get closer to election day.

Aaron Blake , writer for the Washington post has an informative piece you should check out titled: ‘Do as I say not as I do’: Blockbuster NYT report casts new light on Trump’s tax rhetoric