45 has finally been recognized for the person that he truly is. Has never been a man of compassion and never will be. He has never been a person of faith or a spiritual person.  For the past three years his religious supporters have accepted is narcissistic, misogynist, prejudice actions all in the name of the power that they gain from his presidency. He is not a person that has ever had to answer for his misdeeds and he will do anything to prolong term in office because he is well aware of what awaits him as a regular citizen.

Doug Pagitt from the NBC News THINK site wrote an interesting peice on this subject

His religious support has been reduced greatly because he is finally seen as an unkind person. He has lost his usefulness and his religious supporters may have finally seen the light.

Many religious voters have woken up to the fact that Trump simply lacks basic Christian kindness, and they are looking for an off-ramp.

Source: Doug Pagitt: Election 2020: Trump's support from Catholics and evangelicals is dropping. They fault his unkindness.